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Arttha is an all in one consolidated mobile transaction processing engine, that allows next generation mobile payment processing for different industry verticals including Banks, Mobile Finance Institutions, Government, Mobile Operators, Retail, m-Health, e-Commerce and Agriculture.

This platform suits to all market requirements by offering advanced feature stack comprising of G2P, B2B, B2P, P2P, m-Banking, m-Retail, Bill Payments, Top-up, Micro Savings, Micro Insurance, Money Orders , Loyalty Coupons and M-Advertisements.

Arttha has been offered to the customers to overcome the real-time challenges being faced with other vendors in the space comprising of rigid non customizable feature set, limited configuration, un planned delivery and after sales support.

The platform is highly scalable, configurable, and agile at the same time offers reliability through its fail proof architecture on SaaS or standalone installation. view more..

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