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Client Testimonials - Training

Our course contents and our trainers have been rated very highly in all their interactions.

SAP Labs
Thank you for taking out time and contributing to the training endeavour at SAP Labs India.
The Instructor rating of the ISTQB Training program which you conducted is : 6.63
(on a scale of 1=min to 7=max)

Positive Points:

  • "The trainer was exceptionally good. I am amazed by his achievements in just 12 years of experience"
  • "The trainer was very knowledgeable person & cheerful "
  • "Getting in insight into testing concepts & relating it back to SAP"
  • "The instructor was very effective in his communication of key concepts"
  • "Learnt many things which would actually help in better implementation & better deliverables"


Program Rating

The Extent to which the course objectives are met 5
Quality of Course Content 4.5
Sequence of Contents 4.5

Faculty Rating

Facilitator / Faculty Ratings *
Depth of knowledge displayed 5
Clarity in communication 5
Interaction with Participants 4.5

* Ratings on a Scale of 1-5, where 5 represent Excellent and 1 represents Poor.

Most Useful Points of the training:

  • More oriented towards enhancing testing knowledge not completely certificate oriented.
  • Examples and Exercises made the session interesting and concepts were understood clearly.
  • Our trainer Jayapradeep cited lot of examples, these examples helped me learn the concepts in a better manner. He basically encouraged all the participants to ask doubts and get them cleared. The exercises were very good, they aided in better understanding of the concepts.
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