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Test Automation

While automating some or all of your testing can provide a significant return on investment, but most test automation projects fail because test automation success is more than just buying the right tool. Organizations taking the first step towards automation often stumble at one of many stages of automation including identifying the automation need, evaluating the tools, taking a "make or buy" decision, training, deployment of the tool and creation of frameworks and scripts. Pure Testing automation services help save your company from making an expensive test automation mistake in any of the steps mentioned above.

PureTesting has some of the best automation specialists on its roles who can deliver change resistant, tester friendly solutions for:

  • API based automation
  • CLI (Command Line Interface) based automation
  • Unit testing automation
  • Functional testing automation using commercial and open-source tools
  • Performance testing automation
  • Creation of custom tools
Some of our Automation Framework Benefits include:
  • Flexible keyword-driven framework
  • Reduced cycle time for automation resulting in reduced automation cost
  • Automation for the masses, minimizing the need of automation experts for maintaining automation systems
  • Database driven Customized reporting for all stakeholders
  • Automated scheduling
  • Better quality control

PureTesting has extensive expertise in building Automation Frameworks built on Rational, Mercury, Segue, Open Source and a mix of COTS and Open Source.

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