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Test Team Bootstrapping

We can get your test processes defined, your test team staffed, your test environment configured, and your testware implemented. We'll hand off a world-class, trained test organization to you at the end of the project.

Test Professionals from PureTesting
When you're serious about testing, you want test professionals and not dilettantes or programmers-between-programming jobs. Why not source your test professionals from a company that's purely about testing: PureTesting?

The following table shows the features and qualifications for the typical test professional that you can hire from PureTesting.

Test Professional Test Experience Test Education ISTQB Certifications
Technician 0-1 TEF Foundation
Engineer 2 - 4 TEF Foundation
TEA Advanced
Lead 5+ TEF Foundation
TEA Advanced
Manager 7+ TEF Foundation
TEA Advanced*

* Within six months of this exam being available in India, our test professionals will acquire the certification.
  • TEF: Test Engineering Foundation
  • TEA: Test Engineering Advanced
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